The_Fare_cover3One of my great friends and mentor sent me a Facebook post, and asked if I could turn it into a lyric.

After reading the post, I thought it was a very moving story, so I set upon the challenge of trying to turn it into a song.

Once the lyric was done, I then needed to create a melody which I hoped would convey the wistfulness of the story.

When I thought I was nearly done, another friend heard my progress, and told me that I needed a chorus.

I didn’t plan a chorus originally, because I was concerned about it interrupting the flow of the story.  And was somewhat resistant to the idea.

It took me a while, but I’m glad I waited for an idea that I think works well, with the verses.

The song idea is from the Facebook post about the elderly woman and the taxi driver.
Please read the post and let me know if you think I’ve captured the essence of the story.
Taxi Driver and elderly Woman

I think we all know of someone in our life, who may have less road in front of them, than what’s in the rear view mirror.  And would be thankful to know that a stranger would treat them with dignity and respect during their encounter.

And when you think about it, the reality is that if we manage to live long enough, we may find ourselves in a similar situation.

On this journey we call life, we all end up at the same place, some of us just get there sooner than others.

It’s how we treat each other along the way, that defines our humanity, and whether we’ve had a life well lived.

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